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Business Resources

Trying to get by in business has never posed more challenges.

Here are some links to help you with ideas for your business

Links to the Governors site for current orders, guidance and other data

Links to federal assistance programs, grants, and a special business promotional site related to pandemic

Links to NMEDD guidance on planning a business with many useful tools

Links to webinars, promotions, and other tools in navigating the pandemic

Download an Excel resource guide created by Hatch Form

Links to federal lending for normal business activities and disaster relief

Links to the AICPA site, scroll down for the calculator for PPP Loans

OMB Control Number 3245-0407                    Expiration Date 10/31/2020

Listing of CABQ resources and materials for business practices

Listing of Resources for Small Businesses/Workers

Help for Businesses impacted by Covid-19

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